Yard Design

Thank you for your interest in making your yard environmentally friendly! This tool is designed to help property owners in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (which includes parts of DE, MD, NY, PA, VA, WV, and the District of Columbia) develop a plan to install a Rain Garden or Conservation Landscape in their yards by providing garden templates and plant lists specific to your property.

Since your plan will be specific to your property and personal preferences, you may need to go outside to dig, measure, and/or evaluate the conditions of your yard to answer various questions throughout the tool.

Financial Assistance

As is the case with any landscaping project, planting materials may cost a few to several hundred dollars, depending on the size and complexity of the project you choose. There may be financial or technical assistance available to help you install your project on your property. If you qualify for one of the programs below, and are interested in receiving this assistance, click on the program you would like to apply for. If not, simply select “I am not interested or do not qualify for these programs” to move on.